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Cruising Alaska
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Alaska is a magnificent wonderland of natural beauty that is definitely worth a visit. From the decks of a ship, you’ll enjoy amazing views of the gigantic glaciers, iceberg-choked straits, steep rock walls, miles of forest, and wildlife that have made Alaska a favorite cruise destination for so many years.

Take out your binoculars and observe humpback whales and orcas, as well as other marine animals like seals and bald eagles, along the way. And if you’re lucky, you’ll also see brown bears near the coast.

Don’t wait any longer if you’ve always wanted to travel to Alaska. It’s time to stop postponing and start planning your trip to Alaska. It’s hard to find another cruise location like Alaska, which shows off a side of the United States that’s still unspoiled and open to unlimited adventure.

Why should you go cruising in Alaska?

Cruises to Alaska are ideal for anybody who enjoys the great outdoors and wants to experience something entirely different from the norm on their vacation. Alaska is not a place where you can go to amusement parks or spend your days on the beach. 

Seeing exotic animals, going on shore excursions that take you over mountains and jungles, and eating food made from fresh, local ingredients are all highlights of an Alaskan cruise vacation. Travelers of all ages can enjoy cruising Alaska, from families with children to elderly residents, singles and couples.

The best time to go cruising in Alaska

Late April to early September is prime time for Alaskan cruises. The months of mid-June through August are the hottest, busiest, and most popular, particularly with families, and they are also the most expensive due to high demand.

The months of April, May, early June, and September are regarded as the low season. The crowds will be smaller during these periods, and the temperatures will be slightly cooler.

The months of April, May, and June are often drier than the rest of the season, but you should be prepared for rain, which is prevalent throughout the summer in Alaska.

Start planning your Alaskan cruise today!

Rather than relaxing on the beach with a drink in hand, an Alaskan cruise is about taking in the stunning vistas and sounds of the natural world that each Alaskan port has to offer, such as wildlife and glaciers.

When planning a cruise trip, it’s important to choose a trusted service provider. That’s why you should book your Alaskan cruise with Inwater Travel in advance. Inwater Travel works with a variety of cruise suppliers to ensure that your next cruise is a wonderful experience.


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